Yesterday marked 30 years since I started Uni. During this time I have picked up a few titbits I feel might be of worth to educators. So today I begin my new blog confident my experiences, thoughts and reflections will be of value to people in the teaching profession.

From the outset, my aim is to promote questioning and reflection on ‘educational’ topics e.g. Creativity, Innovation, Pedagogy, Fads, Time Management, Professional Development, Tips and Tricks to name but a few. I also aim to use the blog to keep the subscribers to my website informed about new games and resources as they are released.

As for style, I want each post to be quick, to the point, digestible and to provoke thought as my attention span is not what it used to… oh look… a butterfly. ūüôā

Here’s to a whole new career facet. Let’s see where this highway leads.

Adrian Bruce
founder of